The Boutique


Our very own expert chocolatiers create special delicacies, carved by hand or using a uniquely created mold, from specialty white, milk and dark couverture chocolate, imported from Belgium.  Containing a higher percentage of cocoa butter, and cooked at a varying temperature, Delecto chocolates have a perfect shine and creamy flavor.   

Arabic Sweets

Delecto's Arabic Sweet Counter is a showpiece for our skillful master chefs who blend tradition with modern culinary art.  Using only the finest nuts sourced from around the world and black honey and ghee sourced from Lebanon, Delecto’s Arabic sweets create a magical and mesmerizing moment with every mouthful.  

Tunisian Sweets

Tunisian sweets are known for their intricate designs, using the finest quality of nuts harmoniously blended with our handmade marzipan. Mix and match them to create a visually stunning platter that showcases the passion, creativity and heritage that is poured so lovingly into the craftsmanship.  

Turkish Delights

Created with love and perfection, and unlike any other sweet, Delecto’s Turkish delights are colorful confections, skillfully made by infusing the finest quality ingredients, including nuts and traditional Turkish flavors such as rosewater, orange and lemon. 


Delecto’s outstanding Bakery prepares items fresh daily, using our own yeast and the highest quality French imported flour.  Offering all varieties of breads, croissants and pastries. 


Whether you are after a fashionable gift, an ideal present for celebratory holidays, or just looking for something special to enjoy with your coffee or tea, the simplicity of the Macaron makes it the perfect gift for any occasion.  

Bespoke Cakes

Individual cakes displayed on the vitrine, Delecto’s spectacular classic or contemporary cakes created by expert chefs to be eaten in the lounge or takeaway. With endless options available, Delecto delivers bespoke cakes in all sizes, shapes and flavors. 

Moroccan Sweets

A variety of pastries made with rich dough and sticky, Delecto’s Moroccan sweets will satisfy all your sugar cravings. They come in all shapes and forms and are made with utmost care for special occasions. Made with authentic ingredients including orange blossom water, rose water, almonds and dates in many of the recipes, the sweet treats here are irresistible and plentiful.  

Specialty Cakes

Delecto’s bakery produces the most wonderful and extravagant cakes for any occasion, including birthdays and weddings.  With endless options available, Delecto delivers bespoke cakes in all sizes, shapes and flavors. We work with every customer individually to create uniquely designed cakes for any occasion.